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Quality Civil War Uniforms, Clothing, and Accessories For Civil War Reenactments - CoonRiver.com

We are one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of Civil War uniforms for the re-enactor of the Civil War. In addition, our historical clothing is used in motion pictures, museums & theatrical productions. At Coon River, you'll find the highest quality products and all at affordable prices.

Serving re-enactors and historians coast-to-coast / border-to- border and then some! - We Invite you to browse through our web site and see the many items we have available from our extensive catalog. To see our complete catalog click on the products link on the main menu.





Quick Links To Civil War Uniforms - Know what you're looking for? Use the links below to go directly to the uniform of your choice.

United States Civil War Uniforms

Confederate States Civil War Uniforms

US Enlisted Frock Coat US Officer Trousers CS Columbus Depo CS Richmond Depo I
US Infantry Great Coat US Roundabout CS Enlisted Frock Coat CS Richmond Depo II
US Infantry Trousers US Sack Coat CS Infantry Great Coat CS Richmond Depo III
US Jr. Officer Frock Coat US Sr. Officer Frock Coat CS Infantry Trousers CS Shell Jacket or Sack
US Jr. Officer Shell US Sr. Officer Shell CS Jr. Officer Frock Coat CS Sr. Officer Frock Coat
US Mounted Great Coat US Trimmed Shell CS Jr. Officer Shell CS Sr. Officer Shell
US Mounted Trousers US Vest CS Mounted Great Coat CS Trimmed Shell
    CS Mounted Trousers CS Vest
Authentic Western Wear CS Officer Trousers CS Officer Cape
Coats Pants    
Shirts Suspenders    
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