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Civil War Clothing & Accessories

Everything is done from

Start to finish!

SiNCE 1990

IT all starts here when a call comes in with an order from you. Angie or Gerald will discuss your order with you and help you with sizing and help you with your needs and give you a Delivery date.
Then It goes back to the cutting area where Brett cuts out the Item. In this case he is cutting a stack of US Sack coats 6 at one time. He is able to cut 1-8 of the same size at the same time.

Then it goes to the sewing area where it is assembled. Here you see several Items beeing worked on.

Jance and Alicia are working on CS. Shell Jackets
Susan is putting finishing touches on a US. Cav. Shell
Gerald and Ryan are in the finishing area where, the button hole and the buttons are put on the garment.
Everything is pressed at the time of construction. All the seams are pressed open and the garment is completly pressed upon completion.
Janice Is doing detail work on a Confederate officer Frock.
Mee Lee is making CS Art. Kepies

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